We prefer to provide Hobbs Heirloom Quality 80/20 Cotton Batting as it consistently provides excellent results.

Warm and Natural from the Warm Company is also good, a blend of 87.5% cotton and 12.5% polyester, and produces a flatter quilt.

Batting Prices:

Hobbs- 80/20 cotton/poly, nice loft, 96″ wide  –  $8.00 per yd

Hobbs- 80/20 cotton/poly, nice loft, 120″ wide – $8.00 per yd

Warm & Natural – 100% cotton, 90″ wide  –  – $9.50 per yd

Other battings, Black batting, Bamboo batting, Wool batting, etc, can be used at your request or you may provide your own batting if you wish.