How to Prepare My Quilt Top For Quilting

We need your quilt top, batting, and backing in 3 separate pieces.  The backing should be 4” larger than your quilt top on all four sides or 8” total larger than your top.  The batting (if you supply it) should also be cut the same way.

  • Both your top and your backing should be carefully pressed, with seams pressed open or going to one side.  Seam your backing 5/8” and iron seam open so it will lay flat.  Press seams toward darker fabric whenever possible, so they will not show thru your quilt top.
  • Top and backing should lie flat.
  • Identify the “top” of your quilt top and the “top” of your quilt backing with a single safety pin, especially if there is a directional pattern to the layout. Quilt top and backing should be clipped of loose threads, both front and back.  Remember, on lighter fabrics, loose threads on the back side of the top may show thru.
  • Check your quilt top for seam breaks, as well as your backing if seamed.
  • The selvedge edge is a lovely straight line.  BUT, it needs to be trimmed off before sewing your backing fabric.  The selvedge edge will shrink differently when washed, which may cause puckering at the seam line.