The price for a computerized edge-to-edge pattern is $0.025 per square inch. To determine the square inches of your quilt, measure (in inches) the length and width of your quilt top. Multiply the two numbers together and you have the total square inches. Example: 60″ wide X 60″ length = 3600 sq inches

Sample Sizes and Approximate Prices
Below are standard measurements:

Dimensions Total Sq Inches Price Per SQ Inch Approx. Price
Crib Quilt 40 x 55 2,200 .025 $55.00
Twin Size 65 x 88 5,720 .025 $143.00
Double 80 x 88 7,040 .025 $176.00
Queen 86 x 93 7,998 .025 $199.95
King 104 x 93 9,672 .025 $241.80

Price for your quilt will vary by the actual measured size of your quilt.

There is a $45.00 minimum quilting charge on all orders which is for quilting alone.

There will be an added charge for sales tax (if applicable), batting if we provide it, thread, and any pre-quilting preparation work as requested by costumer.  Shipping charges will be added as necessary.


  • No charge for solid color thread.
  • Variegated Thread – $8.00.

Also available is binding service

  • Customer supplied fabric
  • Pricing per linear inch
    • $0.20 for cutting, piecing, and attaching binding by machine one sides only
    • $0.40 for services above and hand finishing the binding to the back

All prices are approximate, and are subject to change without prior notification.