Quilt of the Month for Feb 2016


This months Quilt of the Month is a Quilt ( actually 3 quilts) for a new client, “Sam”, who contacted us about making memory quilts out of his wife’s clothing who had passed away.  He called and had no idea what type of quilt he wanted, except he wanted 3.  1 for each of his daughters and 1 for himself.


His wife’s clothing consisted of X-small, small and medium sized shirts, blouses, pants, shorts, sweaters & a very small, short wedding dress.


I gave him some homework to help him decide what pattern he may want.  He went to Orange Quilt Bee & picked up a card with a “Friendship” quilt pattern by Villa Rosa Designs.  Sam & 1 of his daughters also went to M & L Fabrics and purchased 1/4 yd cuts of special fabric to add to the quilts.


All of the clothing was stabilized.  The wedding dress was satin like material with lace overlay.  Since the wedding dress was very small, I chose 3 special areas that had a centered flower, cut a heart shape & rough edge appliquéd onto a prepared square from a pair white slacks.


This quilt was challenging, time consuming but gratifying after seeing the look on Sam’s face when he picked them up.  He was very pleased as I was.


These quilts all measured approx 72″ x 72″ and each had T-shirts incorporated into the Hawaiian themed backing.  They were Quilted using the Hawaii E2E pattern by Anne Bright with Light Blue thread by Permacore.  The batting was Hobbs 80/20.




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