Quilt of the Month for Nov 2016


Here is a beautiful Quilt designed by one of our creative clients.  This is what she has to say about it.

This quilt was created as a wedding present for my grandson. The colors…pink, gold, ivory & black were requested by the bride to be.

The possible design was drawn & colored  on graph paper & the yardage for each color calculated. No definite overall pattern was used as the design is a combination of Irish Chain & the most pleasing arrangement of the figured & pink fabric. A flannel design wall was used to observe &/or rearrange the combination of pieces & colors.

The original arrangement of pink surrounding the figured pieces was changed several times until the quilter was satisfied w/the results.


This lovely quilt measured approx 97″ x 96″ and was quilted in Coronado colored thread by Perma-Core and used a “Flower Pano” pattern.  Hobbs 80/20 batting was also used.

16-06_7274 16-06_7275 16-06_7277 16-06_7279 16-06_7280 16-06_7281 16-06_7284

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