Quilt of the Month – Feburary 2014



Don’t give-up on your old unfinished projects.  It’s NEVER too late to pull them out and put the finishing touches on them.  Our good friend Singrid allowed us the privilege of helping her complete her UFO (Unfinished Object).


One summer my friend who was into sewing went to a craft fair and bought a book called “Quilt in A Day“.  She made a quilt and showed it to a bunch of friends.  We were all so impressed.  I had always wanted a large quilt, but was not very creative.  She said she would teach us and it was very easy.


We planned a day and all made a trip to Fabric Barn in Long Beach.  My friend showed up with a copy of the pattern for a square and how many different fabrics we each needed.  After selecting our fabric, she helped with the yardage we needed.

Now it was time for the prep work.  I had to cut all the fabric into strips before we got together.  On a Saturday afternoon in July, we all got together, brought our sewing machines, and set them up in her house.  We ironed our fabric, cut out small pieces, and stapled them to our piece of paper with a sample square.  Now we had our pattern. We began to sew and make our squares.  The day came to an end, but I had not completed my quilt.  I had to go home and finish my squares.  It was hot and I was very pregnant with my first son.  I finished the squares and with a copy of the log cabin pattern, I began to sew my squares together into strips and then the strips together.


 Without the border attached, I put the finished design with the border fabric in a bag to keep safe and delivered my first child.  Being very busy I did not finish my quilt.  My second child came along and that consumed all my time.  As my boys grew I always wanted to finish my quilt, however my friend moved away and I was not confident I could complete it.


 My friends Julie and Paul Atkinson began to quilt a lot and started there own quilting company.  I pulled my quilt out and asked if they would finish my quilt for me.


25 years after I started my very own king sized quilt, it is completed and more beautiful then I imagined.


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