Quilt of the Month for Oct 2013



Here is a quilt made by one of our talented clients combining quilting and embroidery together.  The pattern is called “Thirteen Days Of Halloween”  Pat said she found the pattern at a quilt shop while traveling in northern Washington state.  The fabric was found more locally here at The Calico House & Cranberry Quiltworks in Placentia and the Orange Quilt Bee in the City of Orange, both here in So Calif.


This unique quilt measures approx 46″ by 60″ and was quilted using the “Ghostly Swirls” pattern by Anne Bright.  It was custom quilted using a variegated Pumice thread from the King Tut collection and employed using trim cut-outs to avoid taking away from the beautifully embroidered squares.


If interested, we found the “Thirteen Days Of Halloween” quilt pattern can be located at The Quilt Cupboard in Garden Grove.



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