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Grand Opening!

At The Zoo

       53”  W  x  55¾” L        It was quilted in a “Jungle Gym” pattern with lions, giraffes, and monkeys in a jungle type setting.   It has a green flannel backing with a colorful bugs print. $125            

Cowboy Quilt

This Cowboy Quilt is a double rail pattern and has a very soft flannel backing. It was quilted in a western style pattern with cactus, cowboy hats, cowboy boots, longhorn steer head, and a covered wagon. The backing is a horse print cotton fabric.

Log Cabin Quilt

 Log Cabin Quilt with light & dark cotton fabric pattern.  Royal blue soft flannel backing, quilted in a loops pattern.       51½” W  x 51” L $115.00              

Penguins Quilt

     This Penguins Quilt is quilted in a swirl pattern.  It is accented with squares and polka dots and has a warm flannel backing.  The backing is a light blue flannel with small colorful squares.     44¾” W  x  42”  L $95    

Teddy Bears Quilt

This Teddy Bears Quilt is a double rail pattern with 5½” squares.   Quilted in a bears and stars pattern with three different bears, it has a plain yellow cotton fabric backing.   40½” W  x  40¼” L $90.00              

Trucks Quilt

 This Trucks Quilt is a triple rail pattern with 8½ “squares.   It was quilted in a tools pattern with various hand tools such as hand saws, hammers, pliers, and a wrench.  The backing is a tool pattern cotton fabric.     44” W  x  43” L            $95.00          

Zoo Quilt

Zoo Quilt                     49” W  x  54½” L         Quilted in a stars, hearts, and loops pattern        The backing is a light blue flannel with small polka-dots  $115.00