Quilt of the Month – April 2011

This “Tinkerbell Quilt” made by Carol for her 4 yr old granddaughter. It is approx size 66″ x 81.  Clothing from various family members was used to make this unique quilt. The quilt was made in a “stained-glass” pattern.

 Clothing from various family members included jeans from Aunts, Uncles, Grandparents  (I suppose you can say she now has some of everyone genes?)  Some of her own t-shirts and the fabric from her crib bumpers were used in the making of this wonderful quilt.

King Tut Lime Stone thread was used in the quilting and the pattern choosen was a Butterfly Flower pattern w/ trim-outs.   

Tinkerbell 1.JPGTinkerbell 3.JPGTinkerbell 4.JPGTinkerbell 5.JPGTinkerbell 6.JPGTinkerbell 8.JPGTinkerbell 9.JPGTinkerbell 10.JPGTinkerbell 11.JPGTinkerbell 13.JPG

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