Quilt of the Month – August 2013


Here is a beautifully made boys quilt made by one of our very talented clients (Nancy) earlier this year.  Each block featuring large construction equipment, was “fussy-cut” and brilliantly colored sashing makes each block standout .  The squares were then put together in a large nine-block pattern and an inner border of tools and other construction items surround the blocks.  Another border featuring the same large construction equipment is accented by a yellow outer border that finishes off this quilt.


The backing is a very busy array of letters inside colorful circles that will keep the attention of most any child for an extended time.


If you look closely,  you can see that this was quilted using a Tools E-2-E pattern of hand tools like saws, hammers, pliers, etc, on the inner part of the quilt and used circles to finish off the outer border making this a quilt that would be the favorite of any child.

13 02_2132.JPG 13 02_2135.JPG 13 02_2136.JPG 13 02_2140.JPG 13 02_2142.JPG 13 02_2145.JPG 13 02_2148.JPG 13 02_2151.JPG 13 02_2153.JPG

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