Quilt of the Month – Aug 2014

This “Lighthouse Quilt”   measuring 75” x 76” was pieced together by Julie.  Each Lighthouse & Beach picture were painstakingly fussy-cut from the fabric.  This had to be done so the picture would still be right side up while blending in with the light & dark pattern.

It was custom quilted w/ Dolphins in center area, Lighthouses in the outer border and musical notes in the small inner border.
After all the quilts we have made for friends and family members and those donated to the church, hospital, and various women’s shelters, this was a quilt she made for us.  (I’m still trying to talk her in to entering it into some Quilt Shows.  I’m sure it would win awards ! !)
Our Quilt 1.JPGOur Quilt 2.JPGOur Quilt 3.JPGOur Quilt 4.JPGOur Quilt 5.JPGOur Quilt 6.JPG

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