Quilt of the Month – May 2013


1930’s  Diamond  Quilt

Here is another beautiful quilt that Tori has given us the pleasure to have quilted for her.


“This quilt was a kit called Feedsack Diamonds that my Mom had purchased at a quilt shop called Creations in Kerrville TX. They had put together the fabrics to create the quilt top. The actual pattern can be found in a book called Quick Cozy Flannel Quilts, pattern name Diamond Four-Patch. The backing fabric I purchased at Sew-Vac LTD in Long Beach, with the help of the nice ladies there.


I loved the contrast of the 30s-style, colorful fabrics that make up the four-patch diamonds against the off white diamonds. It’s simple, clean and colorful all at once. My best friend said it looked like one of the many quilts her grandmother had at her house which reminded me of the timelessness of sewing and quilt making. I think that’s what really drew me to this one.”


The quilt measures 56 x 77 and was quilted using a Flower Pano pattern edge to edge with Light Leghorn Perma Core thread.  We also used Hobbs 80 / 20 batting.


13 03_2247.JPG 13 03_2248.JPG 13 03_2249.JPG 13 03_2250.JPG 13 03_2251.JPG 13 03_2253.JPG 13 03_2254.JPG

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